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New Year in Goa

The New Year has just arrived and probably by now all the new year resolutions that were efficiently pursued for the past few days might have started to erode as we give in to our temptations and desires. The one New Year resolution that I managed to keep for the past 2 years is to enter into the New Year away from the land I love, probable the only time so far I do not like to be in Goa . Post Christmas the Lakhs of Party lovers start descending on the shores of Goa to welcome the New Year which means many of   us who frequent to the beaches, restaurants and friendly pubs must surrender our land and retreat to safer heavens. The coastline of Goa becomes one large party place. The tourists come in hoards but along with it comes accidents, traffic jams, long lines, petty fights, crowded beaches and garbage every where. All the things Goa is not associated with. I wonder how much these aspects of Goa during the peak season the guests enjoy.  A similar experience from much younger yea