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Konkan coast of Maharashtra

Everytime anyone thinks of a beach destination in India, Goa would pop up. Goa has captured the imagination of the market, everyone wants to come here. On the west coast apart from Goa there is Kerala which has benefited greatly from smart positioning & branding. Kerala has created a niche for itself by positioning itself as a premium cultural destination. The 2 larger states bordering Goa, Maharashtra & Karnataka have larger coastline and each of them have a unique cultural identity, markets are slowly warming up to the idea of a travel experience on the coast beyond Goa. Thanks to Instagram and Social media and the craze of being at unexplored places, guests are seeking out these unique destinations however infrastructure still needs a massive upgrade for tourists to have a relaxed holiday experience. As the economy grows we hope the policy makers and planners put into motion robust infrastructure developments that are sensitive to the ecosystem of the destination. Being base