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Goa Unplugged..........

Goa Unplugged…….. A time to experience apna Goa a little differently, ever wondered what Goa is beyond the beaches, seafood, water sports and night parties. “ Goa goes through a beauty treatment during the monsoons”. With the beaches to risky to venture into all you can do is eat, drink party and sleep. Actually not a very bad thing to do, but we are sure you have done it many times in the past and will keep doing it every time a public holiday comes on either Friday or Monday. If you dare to look beyond and experience the other side of Goa here are a few options that you might want to try. The islands of Chorao & Divar Green, fertile, in the middle of Mandovi River : with areca nut plantations, coconut trees, paddy fields and many temples and churches. What Goa must have looked like when the Portuguese chanced upon it, it is here for you to discover. Surrounded by ferry’s which take you along with your bikes and cars to the island on all sides, here is where you can