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The Creator Economy and the dilemas of a small travel company

 When we started of, we were entirely focused on developing travel programs and executing them to the best of our capacity. Then of course there were compliances and processes that we learnt from scratch accounting, book keeping, data collection, marketing, sales calls etc. We never really grasped the posibilites of the internet and the opportunities it would open up. But then who could have? And can we really predict what the landscape of the internet would be in the next 10 years? We are now continuosly bogged down by the pressure of posting content on our different social media channels and they seem to growing by the dozen.  There are many theories and suggestions on how to use the social media to your advantage but over the years we still have not cracked this nut.  We have been told to consistently post content, we have been decently good at this consistency but none of our content got any traction.  We learnt that we have to use the hashtags very cleaverly, but again we have bee