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Goa – Mumbai by bus, train, air, car, and bike………..missed the water ways.

It's been a decade of traveling in this sector by all the possible modes. The route is very scenic and beautiful, especially through the trains but unfortunately most of the travel happens in the nights so most of us miss the topography and laid back country side of Konkan. The buses filled with happy and jovial tourists, young Goans traveling for interviews in Cruise line ships and the Middle East returned Goans traveling with large luggage used to hip hop through the ghats and roads of NH17 through Konkan to finally reach Goa . The better air connectivity and the introduction of Volvo buses have now managed to segregate the travelers further. The trains are generally filled by the large Konkani population from coastal Maharashtra settled in Mumbai. The trains generally get empty after Kankavli and Kudal just off Goa . Earlier the water ways were active and the Damania shipping company used to ply between Mumbai and Goa , they wound up their operation just before the millenni