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Goa to Markets - "Thank You Very Much"

Goa should be thankful to markets. The hippie markets of the 80’s put Goa on the tourist map. Back packers from across India would gather at Anjuna beach in North Goa to exchange stuff and sell many of their possessions before they went back to their homelands. This small gathering slowly started getting famous, many came to Goa enjoyed the hospitality, natural beauty, pristine white beaches and also took part in the flee market. Bikes, jackets, fishing rods, woolen wear, cameras, binoculars etc were either sold or bartered. In the years to come many realized the potential of Goa in Tourism and it went on to become a famous destination. A good decade after shopping malls started tasting success across the cities in India , now Goa has its first shopping mall. Markets have started changing here which seemed immune to the retail revolution happening around. The local markets here are very simple though vibrant and colorful in its own way. The normal markets are open all days exce