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Thoughts during the financialy year end

 "There is no real ending, it's just the place where you stop the story." - Frank Herbert  On 31st March, the last few lines of a story was written aand it's fate sealed. We are talking about the financial year end. The books have been closed for the year 2021 -2022  This part of the year is generally filled with excitement as all entrepreneurs look forward to all the analysis from the number crunching to understand market trends and the financial health of the company. Future strategies are debated and planned based on these reports.  The past 2 years, also strangely coincieding with 2 years of the pandemic have been nothing short of a nightmare. Earlier we used to look at these reports to understand growth of the company and to identify further growth opportunities. Now we look at the reports to see how deep we have fallen, with a question in the mind if we will fall further into abyss or have we bottomed out, can we plan our climb back up and above.  A year back al

Dailogues de Goa

"Dailogues de Goa" is a series of travel programs focusing on Goa. Immersive, deep dive itineraries on different aspects of one of India's smallest state. Through Dialogues de Goa we unwrap various aspects of Goa like its Architecture, Cuisine, Music, Politics and Business.  4 days of traveling through Goa, understanding it, through curated interactive sessions with historians, journalists, activists, and many visits and experiences in context to the subject. All this juxtoposed with stay in heritage hotels, explorative cuisine and many fun activites like heritage walks, kayaking and cycling.  The politics of Goa is as facinating as it gets, with a voter base of the entire state being less than many constituencies of India. The unique history of Goa being the first European colony in Asia to the post liberalisation politics of statehood and later being only the 2nd non congress government in the country after Kerala.  Goa now faces unprecedented challenges, particularly f

Elections in Goa and Tourism

 Even though the lives of everyone in a democratic country is constantly impacted by politics, very few understand how it functions. Politics always features in many a conversations and debates at the local chai tapri (tea stall) or in the office corner and nowadays on our watsaap groups and chats. Elections are the corner stone of every democracy, the singular event when the actual mood of the nation can be acertained and for the largest democracy in the world it is a herculean effort for the state. Most of us are spectators to the events which sometimes feel like a circus and sometimes we connect and relate to a particular incident and yet the whole exercise is centered around us. This is the time we the voter exercise our right and make a point and express our idea of India collectively.  All the campaigns, outreach programms, rallies are all centered around us the voter, come to think of it to organise just one rally requires so much coordination and communication, venues, thousand