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Small Joys of life

Some of the small joys of life that take us through a day is the number of shares and likes our post, picture or blog get. We keep fidgeting with our phone to see if there is some new interest in what we have expressed. While sometimes this could be the reason for added misery when we do not get enough traction as well, however we cannot resist the idea of sharing with the world our stories, thoughts and feelings.   As a small business in the travel segment, the first or second point of reference is always the website. When we started off in 2003 having a website was a big deal. We got our first website up after many delays, still remember the happiness of seeing our company on the World Wide Web, there was dial up internet back then and it took like forever to load, that somehow did not matter back in the day. As we grew in business, our website improved, the second time we made a website, it was by our friend who never charged us for the service. He was a professional and