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Father and Son with a Coconut on a virgin beach

  There are some moments which are pure magic, they are unexpected and when it happens it is just pure joy. As a businessman you sometimes must travel to attend meetings that you know in the heart are insignificant but unavoidable. I had to drive a couple of hours to meet a prospective client and circumstances were such that my young son had to tag along. The young boy was livid at the idea of being in stuck in a car for a long time and missing play time with his friends. So, there were 2 guys on a journey, both did not want to be there, but one had the advantage of age to protest and be rebellious and the other had to just suck it up and get it over with. We reached the destination through a long drive full of negotiations and debates between father and Son. I met the clients at a beautiful beach side café in South Goa. The setting was beautiful, the blue waters of the ocean and the golden sand of the beach and a small café overlooking this stunning view. The best part was there w