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When your job ruins an Avenger movie for you

A group of teenagers are on a college tour accompanied by their teachers. They travel through Paris and Vienna. Sounds very interesting particulary when one of the teenager is our friendly neighbourhood Spider Man. This was the narrative of the latest Avenger movie that we watched. It was all good and we were looking forward to a thrilling movie where the protagnist saves the World against all odds until a scenario we face on a daily basis at work features on the screen. So this group of teenagers are traveling through Europe and they reach Vienna from Paris. All along Spidy is doing his thing and saving the World. As the group arrives at their hotel in Vienna, they are welcomed into a crumbeled and delapilated hotel. The young students are not at all pleased and they take up the griviance with their teacher. Who pacifies them and tells them that he will get a refund from the travel company. Thats it, this scenario did it for us. We come to see movies like the Avengers to escap