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Tourism planning and policy

It is not a good feeling when we know we are much more capable, have a lot more potential and yet are not achieving our best due to various reasons, all we need is a stronger collective will, which we seem to lack as a country. Tourism is a major engine of economic growth. Several countries have transformed their economies using their tourism potential to the fullest. Our great country is as fascinating as it gets for the world traveller. The diversity of landscape, language, cuisine, music, cultures, climates, religion etc is just astounding. India would be a country hard to miss for the discerning traveller, yet we are not even close to achieve our full potential in the tourism market. Our market share compared to many other developed countries are miniscule. Yes, we have made progress and we continue to do so every year and day but there is a long way ahead before we match the world leaders in tourist arrivals and growth. This even though the product we have to offer in terms