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The new normal.

Over the years the popular culture in movies, series and stories have given us a regular dose of the worlds end game. From War to climate change to aliens and pandemics we have been entertained and intrigued by the imagination of a few. For this time, the virus won over the others to bring the world to a standstill. The winter chill was just breaking away and the ball was set rolling for all the summer plans, different plans for different people - that holidays, the protest, product launches, house renovations and many others. All of it were stonewalled by a virus. A highly contagious pandemic was upon us. It is like the world just suddenly stopped spinning. Being homebound we had to adjust to a new culture of working from home. With being at home and working from there coupled with the fears of getting the virus will change the travel behaviour for years to come. The service industry of travel, tourism and hospitality is very resilient. This sector has seen off economic rec