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Folk Flock to Beaches

With just about a month of summer remaining, a rush is witnessed at the beaches of Goa by Goans for the annual ritualistic and traditional dip in the sea waters. It is believed by locals that the venturing into the seas in the month of April and May cures one of prickly heat, rheumatism, pain in the joints and limbs etc. "The sea is a gift to human kind and not only because of the fish that we get to eat and other riches but also because it is blessed with many other wonderful things that we may not even know about". My land lady tells me. She also adds that the annual bath includes staying or visiting the beaches for 3 or 4 days continuously can have a good effect on your body. This is a age old tradition in Goa. These days the concept has changed into a picnic where food and other necessities are carried to the beach and families laze around for the whole day in the beach by just sleeping, reading, listening to music, singing some songs together etc. While the young hav

Cash Deposits for Vindaloo

I recently so a commercial on TV of ICICI bank about how the employees go out of the way in delivering a personal touch to the services they provide. Some commercials really do touch you but not this one. The farce in the add was way to evident to me, having experienced the bank many times. I have always found the bank to be very chaotic though they have brought in some good changes to the way Indians bank. On the other hand I find more at home at our own SBI Bank where at least the staff is not trying to ape some MNC's. ICICI on the other hand I feel is trying to put up a face of genuine care and concern but is as chaotic as any of our local banks would be. My routine bank visits include a trip once in a while to our local village corporation bank. There is no reason for me to be there but I have to be for the sake of some delicious Vindaloo or some other delicacies which Antao aunty trades in favor for her cash to be deposited. The offer is too tempting for me to consider. The

The summers and the Jungle Juice

The summers are here and so is the aurrack, the favourite drink of Goa. It is the juice of the cashew fruit which is mildly alcoholic. There are various ways to have it but the best one is the way my friend Denniss makes it - Loads of crushed ice, 180 ml of the juice, lot of lime squeezed into it with a dash of salt in a tall glass. It doesn't give you a kick like the other drinks thats why we have 180 ml in a glass instead of the standard 60 ml or 30 ml. From March if you get a chance to travel through the hinterlands of Goa, I bet you will not miss the sweet, fruity striking smell of the ripe cashew fruit. One of the greatest imports by the Portuguese, this fruit has influenced the way I beat the heat about 350 years after the first fruit was born on this land. These fruits are seasonal and starts riping from February to April.  It is a richly flavored fruit so it is had lightly sugared or salted. Another way to have it is with the recipe mentioned above. Which I think is much