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Restaurant Review – Dandey’s Grill House

Most accessible restaurants in Goa have the similar cuisine & similar menu, you look around and you will have signage’s saying – Goan, Chinese, Indian, Mughlai, Tandoor & Continental and the menu will have the standard butter, chilly, xacuthi variations along with a few steaks. What ever happened to innovations our menu is frozen for ages. The ones which offer different experiences make you slightly poorer and guilty for a while. The restaurants in 5 star resorts, according to us are over rated and seldom value for money. We, after all are from the “Sasta …. Sundar….. Tiaku” (a phrase in Hindi used to describe consumer behavior in the early 90’s which emphasized on products that looked good, lasted long and was cheap as well)   era of consumerism and like the menu we have also conveniently frozen our selves in certain aspects, though we are breaking free slowly. So for a different menu and different culinary experience do visit “Dandey’s Grill House” which serves you good va