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Notes from a new age post Pandemic business "Sappadu" (Lunch in Tamil)

Most of the 20th year of this century is behind us. The year 2020 will go down in history as the one in which the status quo is challenged like no other times and probably altered for ever. This Pandemic has affected us all and exposed the fault lines in our systems and governance, economies, and markets. This time we cannot turn our head away from the inequalities in the society. The vulnerable bear the brunt of job loss, hunger, and lack of opportunities. The privileged are shielded better as they have access to many resources like better healthcare, sanitation, easy loans etc.  This says a lot about the world we have built and the choices we have made over the centuries that has lead us to this point, It took a global crisis for us to pause and rethink and revaluate everything. Individuals to families, governments to businesses, one and all are contemplating better practices and processes that are more humane, local and sustainable which could lead to a future that is more equal,