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A Carnival of Carnivals……..

A Carnival of Carnivals…….. Merry making, singing and dancing are all an integral part of the Goan Life. There is a renewed vigor and excitement in doing it when you know that you will have to socially abstain from it for the next 40 days. The end result a Carnival which is celebrated world over in Catholic dominated countries just before Lent leading to Good Friday and then Easter. In India we celebrate the similar concept in another form called “Gattari” just before the Holy month of Shravan. In the past people used to come together drink, sing, dance and have fun on the Mandovi promenade depicting various social and mythical characters followed by masquerade and ending with lovely Goan food and fenny. Over the years tourists have relished and enjoyed all of what Goa has to offer. The increasing footfalls in certain pockets of the state attracted various brands. Initially they came in the form of hoardings and then the creative and the most competitive of them found more ways